NNM JAPAN's 1st Hong Kong flagship store has officially opened on the 6th floor of SOGO.
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【一切在這裏開始 - 壹】成長與基石 - 成長と礎

NNM Japan是一對日本姐妹創立的手袋品牌。

NNM Japan is a handbag brand founded by a pair of Japanese sisters.

 ( 中山外次郎 Nakayama Sotojiro | 1900-1994 )

Nakayama Sotojiro(祖父)是她們的啟蒙老師。 祖父在日本富山縣(富山県)長大,後來搬到日本大阪(大阪市)一步一步地發展他的生活和工作。


Nakayama Sotojiro (Grandfather) was their enlightenment teacher. His grandfather grew up in Toyama Prefecture (富山県), Japan, and then moved to Osaka (大阪市), Japan to continue his life and work.

Sotojiro started working in a handbag factory in Osaka, he started learning how to make handbags, growing up and gaining experience.


多年後,Sotojiro 開設了自己的手工藝工廠開始製作手袋。 憑藉良好的工藝及過往的經驗,他吸引了不同的人選擇及信任他的工廠。

Years later, Sotojiro opened his own craftsmanship factory to make handbags. Using good craftsmanship and experience, he attracts different people to use and believe in his factory. 

 ( Nakayama Family Factory )

Sotojiro會照顧和把他的經驗及工藝傳授給他工廠的員工,Sotojiro 將精湛的工藝、對完美的執著和對產品的了解慢慢地傳給了他的下一代。

Sotojiro憑藉對手袋的熱情和精湛的工藝逐漸成為NNM創立的基石。 他的手工藝影響了NNM的設計理念,幫助每個人,連接每個人,打造NNM JAPAN品牌,NNM 堅持手工不變,以精湛的技術和美妙的設計創造品牌。

Sotojiro will take care of and help the employees of his factory, and use his own experience to help and inherit. Sotojiro slowly passed on his exquisite craftsmanship, persistence to perfection, and knowledge of products to his son.

Sotojiro using his passion for handbags and exquisite craftsmanship has gradually become the cornerstone of NNM's founding. His handicrafts influence NNM's design concept, helping everyone and connecting everyone and building NNM Japan brand, NNM insists that handmade is unchangeable, and creates its brand with superb technology and beautiful design.


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