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【 NNM 人生系列 - 貳】擁抱大自然 - 拥抱大自然

在現代生活中,人們經常穿梭於不同大大小小的高樓大廈,面對着不同的石屎建築。一式一樣的高樓大廈,罐頭一樣的商場似乎已經成為我們日常生活中的一部份。我們似乎忽略了在高樓大廈背後中的喘息空間 - 大自然

In modern life, people often live in the city, facing different high-rise buildings and going to different shopping malls and shops. Exactly the same high-rise buildings and canned shopping malls seem to be everything in our lives. We seem to be ignoring that behind the tall buildings there is our breathing space - NATURE.



但經常有人會用種種的藉口說不上去郊外,可能因為太熱,因為會令到自己的衣服背包破損。不過不用太擔心,我們的NNM 的商品就可以為你解決這個問題,我們會使用的透氣的物料,亦會採用尼龍製造手袋,耐磨耐用,加上防水及輕巧的設計,真正是你出街的好幫手。

Nature should be an integral part of our lives. We should get in touch and nestle with nature more, life is beautiful.

During the holidays, you might as well take a stroll around the beauty of nature, colorful flowers, dense forests, and endless meadows, which often bring comfort to us souls.

But some people will say that every time you go to nature, your clothes, backpacks, and handbags are untidy or damaged. In fact, don't worry, because NNM's crossbody bag can help you solve this problem. Our materials use nylon and cowhide materials, which are wear-resistant and durable, waterproof, and the lightweight design can also make you feel comfortable in touch with nature.


LIFE IS GOOD. Embracing nature can give us a little breathing space. When you are tired, you may wish to take a look at the nature behind high-rise buildings. Nature will always give you infinite vitality and creativity.





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