NNM JAPAN's 1st Hong Kong flagship store has officially opened on the 6th floor of SOGO.
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【NNM 人生系列 - 壹 】生活中的味道 - シンプルライフ




Life doesn't need every day to be wonderful.

Ordinary and simple life will make you feel happy and satisfied.

Fall in love with the simplicity of life and give yourself a chance to breathe. In a simple life, you don’t need to worry about the things around you.You don’t need to worry about where to spend the night.You don’t need to think about who you should cater to.You don’t need to think about how others see you.




喜歡我們的產品,便到我們的官網購買 XD

做你希望所做的一切 <3

Live in the moment, live the life you like. Do whatever you love during the holidays, let's take the time to dress up if you love to dress up. Let's spend the whole day sleeping if you like to sleep.

 Let's go to shopping if you love our NNM product. XD

Let's pick up your equipment and go if you like hiking.

Do everything you want <3



Simple and interesting life does not need to cater to others, listen to your inner voice and do what you want.

Enjoy your life! Stay relax!


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