NNM JAPAN's 1st Hong Kong flagship store has officially opened on the 6th floor of SOGO.
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【一切在這裏開始 - 貳】根與種子 - ルーツと種

Nakayama Sotojiro 是 NNM JAPAN 創始人的祖父。 他在大阪開設了手袋製造工廠,參與製作日本的傳統——和服手袋。 和服 ( 和服 | 著物 ) 是日本傳統服裝,重視美學、高級和莊嚴。 每個產品都會用傳統工匠製作手袋,尊重品質,重視每一件產品。 這是NNM 手袋製作的根本和重點。

Nakayama Sotojiro is the grandfather of the founder of NNM JAPAN. He set up a handbag factory in Osaka and made a Japanese tradition - Kimono handbags. Kimono ( 和服 | 著物 ) is traditional Japanese clothing that values aesthetics, high class, and solemnity. He uses traditional craftsmen to make handbags, respects quality and attaches importance to every product. This is the root and focus of our handbag making.

Japanese Tradition Kimono ( 和服 | 著物 ) 

西陣織(Nishijin weaving)是一種傳統的日本編織技術,具有高品質和獨特的奢華感覺。 它是日皇和政要服裝的一部分。 特點是層次豐富、立體感豐富、圖案繁複、設計多姿多彩。這正在為 NNM JAPAN 的發展播下種子。

Nishijin weaving (西陣織) is a traditional Japanese weaving technique with high quality and a unique luxury. It is part of the clothing of the Japanese king, and the dignitaries. His characteristics are rich in layers, rich in three-dimensionality, complicated patterns and a colorful outlook. That's sowing the seeds of the development of the NNM JAPAN.

NNM x Nishijin Weaving Limited Edition Handbag (2019)

我們還製作了西陣的限量版手袋,我們重視質量並尊重我們在日本製作手袋的根源。 有見及此,我們在製作LIFE系列時,將手袋與色彩繽紛的手袋搭配起來,搭配NNM 獨特的皮革。 我們希望給用戶帶來快樂和美好的生活,這是我們對日本美學傳統的堅持和對我們日本根源的尊重。

We have also made limited edition handbags from Nishijin, we value quality and respect the roots of our handbag making in Japan. It seems that when we make the LIFE series, we match the handbags with colorful colors and match our unique leather. We hope to bring joy to the users and life is good, which is our adherence to the japan aesthetic tradition and respect for our Japanese roots.

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