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【一切在這裏開始 - 壹】成長與基石 - 信頼



Trust is like fire, it will bring you warmth and encouragement, but it will also bring you nightmares and harm.

The foundation of trust is like a handbag, different people use different materials to build a complete and fashionable handbag. Just like in life, different trust in you, to achieve a better you.




Trust is like a buckle, connecting the emotions between people and connecting separate things.

Trust is like gasoline, fueling you along the way on a long car trip.

Trust is like a knife, it is sharp, it will hurt you, it will make you sad.

Trust is like a devil, it will lead you to a dead end and eat away your kindness step by step.

Knowing how to choose is the first step in your trust.

Know how to trust, know how to choose, know how to cherish
Just like in life, mutual trust in friends will lead to a good relationship. The unconditional trust and support of your family will bring you motivation. The trust of your boss will give you better motivation to achieve a better career.


人與人之間的信任就像我們NNM JAPAN Logo 聯繫每個人,一起互相支持。

On the contrary, when you trust the wrong person, your youth will disappear. Not believing in others will also lead you into the abyss of loneliness.

Knowing how to believe and know how to choose is right. The trust between people is like a NNM Japan logo, connecting and supporting each other.

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