NNM JAPAN's 1st Hong Kong flagship store has officially opened on the 6th floor of SOGO.
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NNM JAPAN brand was founded by two Japanese sisters named Natsumi and Miyoko.

The NNM Japan brand's products are designed to be closely integrated into users' daily lives and imbued with the personal colors and styles of each individual. The goal is for users to feel more connected to nature and find greater fulfillment in their everyday lives through using NNM JAPAN products.


The "NNM" logo on the bags features a sewing shuttle pattern symbolizing KINDNESS, FAMILY FRIENDS, ABUNDANCE, UNITED, TRUST, NATURE, LIFE and HAPPINESS. The circular design connects everyone.

Miyoko and Natsumi's handbag designs draw upon traditional cultural knowledge while also incorporating innovative ideas.

NNM Collection features soft and comfortable color palettes accented by NNM's signature leather with some designs incorporating foldable elements.

LIFE Collection features vibrant colors with waterproof coatings for enhanced water resistance.

SHINE Collection features designs with a shimmering and iridescent appearance that changes from different angles with lightweight and breathable materials.

SEAT Collection centered on leather with neutral tones, practical compartments, and an elegant while minimalist aesthetic makes these bags ideal for professional women.

The brand's core message is "LIFE IS GOOD" - expressing the desire of NNM JAPAN to be a positive and an integral part users' lives.

NNM JAPAN sincerely hopes to accompany users of these bags through their wonderful daily journeys.