NNM JAPAN's 1st Hong Kong flagship store has officially opened on the 6th floor of SOGO.
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Lavender Purple

Full Leather L-Shaped Long Wallet


Light Grey

Full Leather L-Shaped Long Wallet


Light Green

Full Leather L-Shaped Long Wallet


Less is more

Ergonomic design concept, in order to make the most comfortable proportion.


Three-layer compartment design

The extra-large bamboo leaf-shaped design can clearly separate the three-story space, and can also place different things neatly on the left and right.

Phone can also be accommodated in wallet

The meticulous and considerate design allows ladies to easily go out on the street with only our long wallet.

Outer pocket

There are patch pockets extending outward, which can keep the wallet slim when not in use, allowing ladies to store some earrings and other jewelry.


Perfect Distribution

Careful design allows the wallet to be organized, can be separated into different locations, and can be used to quickly withdraw credit cards and other items.


Functional Storage wallet

There are a lot of storage locations. When you go out on the street, you only need to carry our long wallet. Phones, keys, and credit cards can be easily stored.


High Practicality

The L-shaped zipper design allows you to retrieve items easily and quickly.
In addition to separating the wallet, the loose bag and the long storage position in the middle can also maintain the privacy of your wallet, so that all your belongings will not be seen at a glance.


Ultimate Lightweight Design

It weighs 150 grams only!
Our designed wallets have a certain thickness, so that they feel comfortable to use and has a quality and substantial feel that allows you to easily hold the long wallet in one hand.

Perfect Size

The perfect size allows banknotes to be easily placed into the wallet without any folding. We've left some space in the front and back sections so that a large quantity of banknotes can be comfortably stored.


NNM also has a shorter wallet with similar thoughtful design!

This small wallet is also made of full leather with smaller compartments

New Spring & Summer 2023 Items - NNM GOODS

We hope to bring you the best and practical designs.