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Traditional craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and innovative and timeless design are all very important to handbags. 中山外次郎 Nakayama Sotojiro (Grand-Father)'s handbag manufacturing factory is a very important part of NNM's growth. We absorb the past experience, learn the manufacturing process of handbags, understand different materials, and develop our brand step by step. We believe that top quality, the application of materials, and timeless design are the most concerned parts of users.

中山外次郎 Osaka Handbag Factory (90's)

The Japanese sisters Miyoko & Natsumi all grew up in the nurturing of handbag manufacturing. They have the knowledge of making handbags, the understanding of materials, and what users want. So they set up NNM Japan, hoping to give all handbags design to everyone and connect everyone, just like our logo and brand core.

Miyoko (Left)   &   Natsumi (right)

Miyoko and Natsumi designed each handbag, is to absorb the traditional knowledge of the past, and also create innovative ideas.

NNM Series is crafted in understated yet comfortable colors, paired with NNM leather, and designed with some foldable settings.

LIFE Series (NNM Hot Collection) focuses on colorful colors and is equipped with materials with waterproof coating, which greatly increases the waterproof function of the series.

SHINE Series is designed with the center of gravity of the phantom appearance, different colors will be seen in different directions, it is ever-changing, and is designed with light and breathable materials.

SEAT Series is leather-centered, with neutral colors, practical intervals, low-key fashion, and elegant and simple appearance lines. It is the first choice for business ladies.

We also make different kinds of products: Handbags, Tote Bag, Crossbody Bag, Bags, Mini Bags, Backpack, Belt Bags, Wallets and Cardholder. NNM Japan absorbs past experience and knowledge of manufacturing to create different series and sizes of products, all in the hope that users can get a better experience.

Life is good ! We hope you have a better handbag experience <3

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