The origin of NNM


In 2013

a pair of Japanese sisters

founded the brand


in Hong Kong.

Sisters' grandfather started a handbag brand at Osaka in 1943.Then Their father inherited Grandfather's core spirit.

70 years passed, granddaughters of the two successors has launched a new branD



In the early days,

the Japanese sisters manufactured hand-made handbags with their parents and grandfather. Even after the change of overseas production base, the sisters insist that hand-made craftsmanship is not replaceable. Their superb techniques and ingenious design build their own brand.

Meaning of NNM




NNM handbags are close to everyday life. They are dyed with colours which represent each individual. Carrying it daily, it gives a feeling closer to the nature and satisfaction in heart. These ideas are integrated in each of our products ... so as to express our respect to Grandfather, Father and our birthplace, Japan.

"Life is good." It expresses the main message our brand wants to deliver. We want to be part of the user's life.

Each NNM handbag has a sewing thread shuttle pattern, which is also our logo, painting 8 circles. Representing Trust, Happiness, Abundance, Nature, Kindness, Family& Friends, United, and Life. It connects every one, just like the skeleton connecting every line. We want to include important people and values we cherish in the design.

NNM handbags accompany our users through every beautiful day. This is our brand’s sincere wish.